Past Voyages

catamaran The Voyage of the Lightship Tantra   1972-1974      

Made on the 27 ft. catamaran Tantra with Ivo Van Laake, a Dutch sailor. It was a voyage from North Carolina to Portugal, then Morocco then to the Amazon River and back to North Carolina. Paintings and sculptures were made relevant to the time and place and all navigation was done with a sextant.

BayOfPigs The First Arts and Cultural Expedition to Antarctica    1986-1987   

Made on the schooner Anne with a crew of eight people from five nationalities. Antarctica was seen as the ultimate destination for an ocean voyage. The Anne visited the dangerous ice bases of the US, China, Russia, Chile, and Argentina bringing arts and cultural activities to a continent of ice and a few scientists.


100 Days at Sea     1995       Made on the Anne and was the first time Stowe sailed a voyage based on time rather than destination. The sail from France to North America usually took less than a month, but Stowe was beginning to question man’s endurance on the sea.


The Odyssey of the Sea Turtle   2001       Made on the Anne with French sailor Laurence Guillem, who was then his wife. The couple sailed a course in the shape of a giant sea turtle with a 5,000 mile circumference. The voyage was 197 days out of sight of land. The sea turtle was possibly one of the largest works of art ever created, as well as the first example of GPS art. It was meant to remind the world of the ancient wisdom of Aesop’s fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” to go slowly but surely instead of fast and rash.


WorldArt41000 Days Non-Stop at Sea    2007-2010 

This voyage holds the record for the longest continuous sea voyage in history without resupply. The Anne stayed out at sea for 1,152 days straight and traveled around the world following the prevailing winds and currents of the sea. In the process, Reid drew the shape of a whale in the Pacific ocean and the shape of a heart in the Atlantic ocean with the course that he sailed.


Voyage to the Mystic Jungles of Guyana      2011-2012schooner-in-the-jungle

Reid, Soanya and their son, along with a crew of five young people sailed down to Guyana, South America to repair the Anne. Their crew eventually went back to the US while Reid and family spent ten months working on the schooner. They sailed back to North Carolina where they are currently living.