Sacred Living

Surfing Sea Shaman

Here’s a timeless excerpt from Reid”s 1000 Days log, Day 415 Sea Shaman I live life dancing on the far extreme boundaries, in reverence and awe, feeling the magic of nature and its connection to the universe and all of…
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Living off the Grid| 1 Year || What I Learned

off the grid living

This video goes into what I learned from living off the grid for a year and the fine balance between technology, social needs, and self-sufficiency. Can we be truly self-reliant and still enjoy the objects of the modern world?  

Yab-Yum Couple in the Cosmic Wind


When Soanya and I got to together we adopted the ancient image of the yab-yum couple as our symbol. We strove to remain united in cosmic bliss as we set out into the wild unknown. Adopting this way of life…
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Circle in the Wood Sculpture

Now as our little adventure family cares for my old dad, my old sculptures keep us connected to the wild environments we have lived and sailed in. More pieces of wood that have had meaning throughout my life stand nearby…
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My Burning Masts Tops Called Me

schooner anne masts

When I decided that my two old masts had too much rot to be repaired, David, the owner of the crane yard that pulled them out said that he liked working with wood and asked if he could have them….
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The 4 Uses of Creative /Sexual Energy

Creative energy is sexual energy, and its use extends far beyond reproduction. Once the nature of creative energy is understood, it becomes clear how it can be used in a focused and purposeful way. Problem Solving– Anyone who has had…
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Healing the Mother Archetype

When the multi-faceted jewel we call “woman” was split into one-dimensional categories females found themselves disempowered. No matter how well a woman epitomized one or two stereotypes, happiness and inner power were still not attained because there was a societal…
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How the West Changed Yoga

When yoga came to the west almost a hundred years ago, it arrived ensconced within a cultural context. There were Sanskrit, Hindu, and Tibetan words to describe body and mind characteristics that had no counterpart in the English language. Visualizations…
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What Is The Eco Soul And Why Is It Important?

The eco soul is when people gain an awareness of the environment and want to take care of it due to a natural inner impulse rather than being told it is a good thing to do. I first heard the…
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