My Unconventional Relationship

unconventional relationship

Many people have called my relationship unconventional. But what is conventional anyway? Is there even such a thing anymore in this day and age? Actually, yes. People still have the idea that “normal” is two people in a long-term committed…
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Yab-Yum Couple in the Cosmic Wind


When Soanya and I got to together we adopted the ancient image of the yab-yum couple as our symbol. We strove to remain united in cosmic bliss as we set out into the wild unknown. Adopting this way of life…
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Reid Has Fun Photographing Soanya in Front of His Paintings

beyond1000days, soanya

  Over many years, I have felt the urge to describe in a few lines how we departed the touch of the land longer than any humans. I say we became one together with the sea, nature and the universe….
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Family Love and Global Issues

I have given a lot of thought to how Family Love relates to Global problems. Most of the problems that people cause can be traced all the way back to how they were raised from birth. A child who is…
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Why I Don’t Subscribe to the Idea of My Other Half

So many people are searching for companionship because they feel something is missing in their lives. They think that bringing another person into their space will fill that feeling of dissatisfaction and apparent solitude. They say “I’m looking for my…
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Caring for Elderly Family Members: Questions and Considerations

Over the years as I got older I began to think more about how I might be able to help my parents when they got older and needed help with their lives. Mom and Dad lived happily together for 60…
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Mommy and Me Yoga

How early is too early to introduce your child to yoga? It’s never too early. I’ve done yoga for fifteen years now. When I got pregnant, there wasn’t any good reason to stop. I just had to modify some of…
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Daddy and Me Yoga

I have loved doing yoga for most of my life and have kept a very regular schedule. My partner Soanya and I often do yoga together, whether it is on our schooner or, because we are now taking care of…
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7 Reasons Our Relationship Works (The Female Perspective)

Note: Reid and I came up with this idea to write about why we thought our relationship has lasted. We each wrote our accounts not knowing what the other was going to say. This is what we wrote.   Many…
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7 Reasons Our Relationship Works (The Male Perspective)

People often look at Soanya and I and think we are an odd couple. Yes, we are an odd couple, I am considerably older than Soanya, much taller, I have a very wild background, and not much security to offer…
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