Divine Feminine

Yab-Yum Couple in the Cosmic Wind


When Soanya and I got to together we adopted the ancient image of the yab-yum couple as our symbol. We strove to remain united in cosmic bliss as we set out into the wild unknown. Adopting this way of life…
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Reid Has Fun Photographing Soanya in Front of His Paintings

beyond1000days, soanya

  Over many years, I have felt the urge to describe in a few lines how we departed the touch of the land longer than any humans. I say we became one together with the sea, nature and the universe….
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Healing the Mother Archetype

When the multi-faceted jewel we call “woman” was split into one-dimensional categories females found themselves disempowered. No matter how well a woman epitomized one or two stereotypes, happiness and inner power were still not attained because there was a societal…
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