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Reid Has Fun Photographing Soanya in Front of His Paintings

beyond1000days, soanya

  Over many years, I have felt the urge to describe in a few lines how we departed the touch of the land longer than any humans. I say we became one together with the sea, nature and the universe….
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Painting: Event on Pier 63

Reid Stowe painting

This 10’ x 16’ painting is titled Event on Pier 63. Its name comes from one layer out of many layers that make up the painting. The first was done in 1984 and hung for a few events in a…
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Circle in the Wood Sculpture

Now as our little adventure family cares for my old dad, my old sculptures keep us connected to the wild environments we have lived and sailed in. More pieces of wood that have had meaning throughout my life stand nearby…
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My Burning Masts Tops Called Me

schooner anne masts

When I decided that my two old masts had too much rot to be repaired, David, the owner of the crane yard that pulled them out said that he liked working with wood and asked if he could have them….
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The Making of New Masts

This summer Reid went to check out the Schooner Anne and found out that she had some rot in her masts. The mast tops had been repaired in Guyana just four years ago, but they needed work again. When the…
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The 4 Uses of Creative /Sexual Energy

Creative energy is sexual energy, and its use extends far beyond reproduction. Once the nature of creative energy is understood, it becomes clear how it can be used in a focused and purposeful way. Problem Solving– Anyone who has had…
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Healing the Mother Archetype

When the multi-faceted jewel we call “woman” was split into one-dimensional categories females found themselves disempowered. No matter how well a woman epitomized one or two stereotypes, happiness and inner power were still not attained because there was a societal…
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Family Love and Global Issues

I have given a lot of thought to how Family Love relates to Global problems. Most of the problems that people cause can be traced all the way back to how they were raised from birth. A child who is…
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Why I Don’t Subscribe to the Idea of My Other Half

So many people are searching for companionship because they feel something is missing in their lives. They think that bringing another person into their space will fill that feeling of dissatisfaction and apparent solitude. They say “I’m looking for my…
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Caring for Elderly Family Members: Questions and Considerations

Over the years as I got older I began to think more about how I might be able to help my parents when they got older and needed help with their lives. Mom and Dad lived happily together for 60…
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