Growing Sprouts: Jars vs. Trays

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Sprouted nuts and seeds are a great addition to any diet. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and are easy to grow just about anywhere. The most important factors in growing sprouts are good drainage, air circulation, and rinsing on a regular basis. They can be grown in plastic containers, glass jars, sprouting trays, or any other type of container. Everyone seems to have their favorite way of growing sprouts, but they can be grown in anything as long as there is drainage, air circulation, and regular rinsing involved. We have grown sprouts in a metal colander, in a tall plastic takeout container, and even in a pot.

Our favorite way to grow sprouts is to first soak the seeds in a glass jar. By the time the glass jar fills up we transfer the seeds or beans into a sprouting tray. the tray is not necessary, but it is convenient. The beans or seeds have greater air circulation, more room to grow, and they’re easy to rinse and drain. Some will argue that growing bean sprouts in jars or taller containers do not allow for good air circulation, but we have not found this to be the case. We prefer glass over plastic because glass is easier to clean and will not stain in the same way plastic will, but most trays are made of plastic and therefore do require some extra effort in keeping them clean but it’s really not an issue.

There are different types of sprouting trays available on the market. Which one will sprout beans and seeds the best is purely a matter of preference. Beans and seeds will grow in any container given the conditions of good drainage, air movement, and adequate rinsing are met. We have been using Sprout Master trays for years and they have worked out quite well.. These trays come in different sizes. The larger is 8×10 and the other is 4×6. Both sizes come with a divider down the middle so that one can grow two different types of sprouts at the same time or just more of the same sprout. The smaller tray is great for beginners who are not sure of how much they will be eating at a time or who just want to experiment with small amounts of sprouts at a time.

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A little bit of experimentation will help you find the sprouting method that best fits your needs. We use both glass jars and trays, which has worked out quite well for years. In the end, it’s all about growing beans and seeds to add a healthy addition to your meals. What container you grow them in is completely up to you.

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