Reid Has Fun Photographing Soanya in Front of His Paintings

beyond1000days, soanya


Over many years, I have felt the urge to describe in a few lines how we departed the touch of the land longer than any humans. I say we became one together with the sea, nature and the universe. In the eternal toss of the waves and days, I felt secure, at one with my goddess. But what are the benefits for the world? Rumi says, “As you become existence, you will distribute creation, lavishing blessings on everybody.”


beyond1000days, soanya


Soanya and I knew each other for three years before she looked at me with those big eyes and said, “I want to go with you on the 1000 day voyage.” I said, “I will only go to sea with a woman who can look me in the eyes until we cry.” We looked unblinking into each other’s soul until warm tears of deep understanding ran down our cheeks. We kissed… and together we went into the unknown.



A reporter once asked Soanya, “You had never been to sea before. How did you prepare to go for 1000 days non-stop at sea? Soanya answered, “I didn’t prepare to go to sea for 1000 days. I prepared to go for an eternity.”



I meditate on Soanya as my goddess. I know her so well that her image stays clear in my mind. We become “one” like the yin and yang, negative and positive energies merging in the circle of wholeness. All other phenomena disappears and white light pervades for precious moments. Then we start all over again participating in the world as individuals searching for the source and desiring oneness with it.


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