Circle in the Wood Sculpture

Reid Stowe Art Sculpture

Now as our little adventure family cares for my old dad, my old sculptures keep us connected to the wild environments we have lived and sailed in. More pieces of wood that have had meaning throughout my life stand nearby and I am piecing them together so that they stand on their own and can find work and a home in the modern world.

I had pulled this 3 x 5 foot piece of purple heart hard wood out of a jungle river in Guyana back in 2012. Then I cut a circle in it and set it up in the bamboo jungle next to the schooner. My main mission was to work hard and build a purple heart deck rail around the schooner, but I often looked over at this Zen-like presence standing next to us. It gave me strength and caused my mind to wander into spiritual realms. The sculpture also made me feel safer as pirates made the local news, jaguars ate the neighbors’ goats, giant tarantulas crawled aboard and islands of floating trees swept the schooner downstream. My sculptures have always tuned me into the ancient all pervasive spirit of man living in a mysterious dangerous and exciting world. I know they have helped me move through many mystic layers of perception and physical activities and I am working on some new pieces now.

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