The 4 Uses of Creative /Sexual Energy

Creative energy is sexual energy, and its use extends far beyond reproduction. Once the nature of creative energy is understood, it becomes clear how it can be used in a focused and purposeful way.

  1. Problem Solving– Anyone who has had a flash of insight, a deep knowing that some unconventional solution may work to solve a problem, has drawn upon this creative energy to obtain that insight. It happens all the time. Most people don’t realize this problem solving energy is creative energy, the same as sexual energy. It follows then that if you have a particularly difficult problem, abstain from sex and redirect that energy into allowing a solution to come forth.
  2. Art– Artists are known to be passionate people, that their inspiration comes from somewhere deep inside (try the root chakra), and that this energy doesn’t always flow continuously. Artists of any kind, including craftspeople, writers, architects, clothing designers, chefs, and web designers all use creative energy. Sexual passion and design passion are very similar in nature, but expressed differently. Therefore, any artist who has a creative block should take a week or two off from sex and see how their creativity begins to flow again!
  3. Making Babies– Most people think that pleasure and making babies are the only reasons for creative/sexual energy. But those are just partial functions of this incredible energy and despite society’s obsession and experimentation with sex, sexual energy is still not fully understood. For instance,  can consciously directing this energy while creating a child affects the health and well-being of the child. Does state of mind during sex affect the health of the sperm and egg? Does bathing a fetus in orgasmic energy during pregnancy aid its development? Some people claim to have experienced an orgasmic birth. How can every woman achieve this? Does a child feel the orgasmic energy of its parents after it’s born? (Remember how the baby would wake up just as things were heating up with the significant other?) There are instances when purposefully directing sexual energy may be highly beneficial to both parents and babies.
  4. Spiritual Upliftment– There is a reason why celibacy is encouraged in spiritual practice. Not because sex is bad, but because if you store up enough sexual energy and lift it up, you get a high similar to the kind induced by recreational drugs but without the harmful side effects. There is a built-in safety mechanism in the human body that allows only as much energy as the body can handle to come through and not more, which could be harmful physically and mentally. Like the short and temporary glimpse that drugs provide there are amazing visions, insights, and indescribable bliss or pleasure. If sexual energy is expended regularly, enough doesn’t get stored up to achieve the visionary effect. Two factors are at work here. Allowing the energy to build up and drawing the energy upwards. There are many visualizations, and yoga exercises using locks, breathing, and meditation to help people raise their energy. The best part is if one raises their energy they also raise their consciousness. There is a direct relationship. Spiritual sexual experiences can be practiced with a partner or without. Either way, it’s way beyond the normal sexual experience that does not have spirituality infusing the act.

Creative energy is used every day, but without awareness. If it is purposefully cultivated and consciously directed, imagine how much more power one could have over their life and what one creates for themselves. There would be a decrease in the incidences of rape, cheating, adultery, sexual abuse, violence, accidental pregnancies, teenage angst, misuse of drugs, and a whole slew of bad decisions based on the need to express sexual energy but having no outlet or control over it. Everyone has sexual energy to some degree. By collecting, storing and directing this energy we can become conscious co-creators with our world so that instead of manifesting an unexpected distorted reality, we manifest a beautiful one.


Written by Soanya Ahmad

Photo: Reid and Soanya in Union, wood sculpture by Reid Stowe, 2012

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