Family Love and Global Issues

I have given a lot of thought to how Family Love relates to Global problems. Most of the problems that people cause can be traced all the way back to how they were raised from birth. A child who is treated well and given love grows up treating others the same way they were treated. A child who is mistreated grows up to mistreat people or hold bad feelings inside of them that cause problems in many areas of their lives. Globally, when I see people committing atrocities to other people or nature, they usually have been mistreated themselves causing a great anger to build up inside or they were not taught to be respectful and loving to everything around them. It seems there are quite a few people whose frustration and anger cause a lot of havoc and they don’t care about the consequences. Children who are given love have a tendency to lean towards things that relate to love. It hard to imagine that people who are abusing and killing other people grew up in a loving environment.

How children are educated in the family environment has a lot to do with how they interact with the world. Parents guide their children to values and actions that they feel is good for them but then there are other external factors that influence child’s value system too. Children follow the example of their friends, society, and the media. If children are taught the importance of having more and more material things and security in the material world, it could lead to the need to acquire more and more wealth to the point of being greedy. And no one tells them there is anything wrong with this behavior, or by the time anyone does it is too late.

I think greed is one of the biggest problems in the world. If people were happy with what they had, they would not be constantly seeking more and exploiting others and nature to get more. That characteristic of needing more and more is a misplaced longing to participate in man’s greatest destiny to know God in everything.

One percent of the world’s population has more money than the rest of the 99 percent of the world’s population. That looks like massive greed to me. That greed is the biggest cause of man’s tribulations and the damage being done to our earth. Inside of human’s (sic) being is a profound need to merge with the grand infinite eternally. That has been human’s greatest longing from the very beginning and is the common denominator in all religions. Misplaced greed and power look like the ultimate goal to materialistic people, but it is a short sighted and strife-ridden. People like this hope their ancestors will carry on with their values and material riches and they teach their children to carry on with the quest for material power and riches at the cost of fellow humans and earth. This is misplaced family love. The deepest solution to our problems is for every parent to teach their children love and respect for everything and everyone. Then children can grow up and complete the circle of love by caring for their parents, nature, and society.


Written by Reid Stowe

Photo: Five generations of Stowes

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